Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cinco de Mayo

Monday I was checking out the weekly weather for the umpteeth time before noon (kinda obsessive about looking at weather forecast and training plans lately) I decided that I wasn't going to find a better bike day than Tuesday. So I did what every other IM wannabe would have done and decided I would take Tuesday off and ride. No plans for anything else but ride. I was able to talk a friend into joining me, well, didn't have to talk too much, in fact the conversation kind of went like this:
Me: "I took the day off tomorrow. Do you want to ride?"
Her: "OK"

So we took off from my house around 9. The plan was to ride to to Kanakee River State Park and back. The temp was around 60 when we left. Sun with a little cloud cover and almost non-exent wind. The little wind that there was was coming almost directly from the south. We would be riding directly into it on the way there and have it behind us on the way back. Perfect. Kind of non-eventful. Except for the semi that "buzzed" us on Rt 52. Made the state park took a quick break and headed back. On the same stretch of road with the semi incident my friend decieded she didn't want to spend too much time on that road and totally kicked my ass for like 3 miles. Ended up with almost 74 miles. Good ride. Good weather. Perfect day.

A little post-ride Cinco de Mayo festivities with tacos, beers, and margaritas with another friend in the evening for his birthday.

Perfect day.

I may make a habit out of this mid-week day off and ride. I like it.

"It's a beautiful day I heard everybody say
The sun shines down for all of us
Just the same you know I like the rain
That ain't so obvious"
-- Goo Goo Dolls, We Are the Normal

116 days 'till Ironman. Oh shit!

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