Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tour of California

That would be TOC for short. Well it's on and now I'm totally jonesin' to get out and ride. They've been racing in horrendous weather conditions for the first couple of days. 40 degrees and driving rain. They make it look so easy and effortless. 25 to 39 mph packed in tight, water flying everywhere. Yes, the conditions might be a little less than ideal but let's put this into perspective: they ride bikes for a living. And ride the best bikes money can buy. How cool is that.

During interviews with Lance you hear thing like "I'm here to work for Levi and help make sure that he can win TOC again" or some crap like that. When you know he's really thinking "I haven't raced in over 3 years and I could crush that little weasel anytime I feel like it now. He should feel lucky that I haven't put 5 minutes on him ".

On the training front a little break from swimming. This is due to the fact that on Thursday last week I cut my hand pretty bad in the garage. A couple of stitches and some really swollen and sore knuckles. Doc said stay out of pool. I've gotten some run time in and time on the trainer, made easier by watching the TOC. March first is the date or my "official" training road to Ironman.

One last thing about the TOC. Does anyome find it ironic that it's sponsor is Amgen, a manufacturer of the drug EPO?

193 days 'till Ironman. Oh shit.

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