Thursday, February 19, 2009

Making Believe (or The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly)

The Good.

That's Social Distortion for those that don't know. Mike Ness ROCKS! This guy oozes Rock-n-Roll.

The Bad.

Bad? Yes. Lame? Yes. But it is the old school original of the previous song so it gets some credit.

Now the Ugly.

Yeeeeeeeeeeech! YIKES! and WTF! It takes a great effort to take a bad original and make it suck even more.

So, with a a stack of amps turned up to 11, some tattooage, and a whole lot of attitude you can turn something bad into something great.

Why the post you ask? There is a life lesson here in these videos. Attitude is everything! Attitude can take something bad in life and turn it classic with the right attitude.

BTW. The stitches are coming out at 3 tomorrow and I WILL be in the pool at 7. That is as long as my hand gash doesnt split open in those couple of hours.

192 days until Ironman. Oh shit.

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