Monday, March 23, 2009

No Time to Post

I realized that I haven't posted in over a month! Been way too busy. My "official" Ironman plan started at the beginning of the month and I've been trying to follow it pretty closely. Trying to do this doesn't even leave me enough time to think. My brain gears are in motion always trying to figure out when I can get this run in here, that swim in there, and getting time on the bike. Plus my plan calls for 2 strength workouts per week. These, BTW, have already been deemed optional by me because of time constraints. How do people work and still manage to train even more intensely than this? Now throw into the mix my two kids that will be beginning their baseball/softball seasons in the next week or so. UGGH! Several years ago, after completing my Masters Degree, I looked into a Doctorate program and decided that that was too time consuming. At this point, and looking forward at my plan, that might have been easier. I guess the main difference is that when I'm swimming, biking, and running I am at my happiest (well maybe not the running :) ). Anyways, when I'm doing any of the 3 I feel the most alive. Do you know of a better way to know you're alive than the fact that your quads are burning, your lungs are on fire, and your heart feels like it's about to pound right through your chest? I don't. Actually, I do -- When all the above is happening and you're doing it with a great bunch of people.

So, with the weather getting better the biking has gone outside. I tallied up about 100 miles this week. Add that to the roughly 17 miles of run and 4 miles of swim and I'm about 20 miles short of the distance I'll have to cover on August 30th alone. YIKES!

Thank god that I'm in week 4 and it's a so called "rest" week. My rest week still consists of more working out than most "normal" people do in like, a month. How sick it that?

"Inhale resolve, Exhale ambition
Inhale all I need, Exhale all I want
Inhale love of life, Exhale fear of death
Inhale power, Exhale force"

-- Henry Rollins, Inhale Exhale

Coming soon, a significant bike upgrade.

160 Days 'till Ironman. Oh, shit!

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Kickstand Pam said...

no turning back - you're in it to finish and finish strong.

Love the quote. I need to broaden the music I listen too. :)