Tuesday, July 28, 2009


First a picture of me:

Less than 5 weeks from Ironman and this is how I feel right now. My legs are heavy. My runs are getting really slow. Motivation for swimming is getting lost. And yes, my true love for this, the bike is sucking right now. I don't even want to ride. Some, check that, most of the fun is disappearing now. I really want the day to come and for this to be over with.

I want to stay out late on Friday/Saturday nights. I want to sleep late on weekend mornings. I want to go to breakfast with my family on Saturday or Sunday mornings. I want to stop planning my week activities by the weather report. I want to be able to have the time to cut the grass on a weekday evening. I want to ride my bike for fun and then stop when I've had enough. I want to play softball again. But I want to be Ironman so I will push on.

On a positive note (I guess), I'm doing a race soon. Bangs Lake Olympic distance triathlon. And looking forward to it. Mostly because I'm looking at it as a break from training. How sick has this become? 10 years ago I attended Mrs T's in Chicago (now Accenture) and thought "How in the world can these people do this?". Now I'm looking at that as a break!? WTF! Yup, a break, I only have to kick my ass and beat my body for less than 3 hours.


33 days 'till Ironman. OH SHIIIT!

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