Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Post Toast Post

Kind of witty title, huh? Get it? The word post has two meanings here. Post, as in after, and post, as in publishing something on this blog. Cool.

Well, since the toast post of last week I continued to just pummel my body. My 2 longest ever open water swims -- each 2 miles in Lake Michigan. My longest run ever -- 15 miles after one of the 2 mile swims. The day after a hilly 7 mile run at Swallow Cliff, might I add. And then 2 loops of the IM Wisconsin course on Sunday. Plus throw in the short runs and short bikes that aren't even worth the time anymore and I've added to the toastiness. I think I might actually be almost IM ready, or at least as much as a person can be. I've also lost over 10 lbs in the last 5 -6 weeks. My goal (not really a goal) was to show up in Louisville on race day around 175. Almost there. All this while eating like a horse. I mean seriously, if it's edible and not attached down chances are that I am going to eat it.

Bang's Lake this weekend. The final thing to cross off the list for this season before Ironman. Haven't decided how I'm going to approach Bang's Lake. I may treat it as a training day or I may let it rip. I'll wait until Sunday to decide how I feel. The last thing I want to do is hurt myself 3 weeks out.

"Look into a picture
A thousand years are told
Now is it any wonder
What our tomorrows hold
Our yesterdays are over
You know they go so fast
If I could rule the winds of change
You know I'd make it all last"
-- Cinderella, Winds of Change

25 days 'till Ironman. Oh Shit!

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